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Fiat justitia ruat coelum (the law must be enforced even though the sky is falling) is our way of thinking to defend the interests of our clients. As a professional advocate it is a necessity for us to discover and find the best way and useful for the client.

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Focus on corporate legal Service

As a law office where one of its divisions focuses on legal issues in the company, whether it concerns labor / employment, immigration, licensing, and agreement company. In addition, the law office can also help legal issues that are conventional and general. Admittedly, the need for a powerful advocate for personal, corporate, and the corporation has become imperative. Legal issues can arise at any time and in any event. Often the parties are not accompanied or represented by an advocate under pressure, fraud, and even defeat by the other party that should this not happen. Law enforcement become one and often misunderstood that led to precisely the onset of anarchy and tyranny.

Generally in all company activities are always related to law, which includes : Preparation and / or Preparation for Business Cooperation (Contract Agreements), Work Agreements with Employees, Legal Review of Business Partners, and many other legal aspects that are always related to the business activities of each company. With this background, we from the legal office of Amir Hamzah & Rekan try to help the company you manage in the field of law to establish cooperation in the form of legal services and legal consultants.

Objectives to be achieved by our Law Office is in providing Legal Services to provide satisfaction to every client We both individuals / private, Community Group or the Company in Indonesia. So that every client is represented by the Office of Legal Services We can obtain a professional manner both in court and outside the court. As well as doing business that supports or relates to the above so that you have a Permanent Legal Consultant to assist in resolving all kinds of Legal affairs.

Amir Hamzah & Rekan Law Office, as a law office consisting of several experienced advocates, is ready to assist legal issues faced by companies, such as legal opinions, legal advice, and litigation in the fields of labor, criminal, civil, corporate law, etc.

Based on efforts to provide the best and useful services for clients, we will dedicate high professionalism in interpreting and applying existing laws.


Zahari Affendi - Managing Partner at Messrs Zahari Affendi & Partners (ZAP)

“Mr. Amir Hamzah is a well versed lawyer in Industrial Relation and very focused and constantly thinking outside the lines to come up with creative ways to solve complex problem”

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