We serve areas of practice related to corporate and general law, as follows :

01. Emploment Agreement: Cusmomixe or Template

We can provide employment agreement draft that is generally used in various sectors of businesses as well as tailored-made employment agreement requested by clients.
The agreement covers general regulations on Indonesian labor in accordance with the law, internal policies of employer, rights and duties of employee, etc.
Timeline is 12 working days including legal consultation and contract restructuring.

02. Company Reagulation/ Collective Labour Agreement Drafting

We assists clients with drafting company regulations (also known as Employee’s Handbook in accordance with Indonesia’s Labor Law), Code of Conduct, internal policies of employer and mutual agreement between employer and employee.
Services delivered are as follows:
– Legal consultation with our consultant, HR specialist and/or lawyer
– Legal interpretation of labor regulations
– Company regulations drafting.

The service can be delivered in 12 working days and covers three-time revision within one month period after the project is completed.

03. Settlement Of Industrial Relation Disputes

It requires a set of skills to construct a legal notification letter, such as an employee warning letter and termination letter if not that will be dispute in future. A warning letter is an official letter addressed to an employee for misconduct or other issues. Meanwhile, the termination letter states the employment status along with the delivered rights and duties for such legal action. Both notifications letters are crucial for an employer to avoid any unnecessary claims or even sue from the employee due to incorrect interpretation and implementation of an employment agreement, company’s regulations as well as employment law.

We would assist by providing legal assistance and background analysis, collecting relevant rules to be implemented and issuing such letter.

04. General Corporate

We advise our clients on investment projects, particularly in setting up investment vehicles and structures in Indonesian Regulation. We assist clients with any private law and regulatory issues they might face in the course of an investment project such as taxation, compliance, bank relationship and finance, company law, contracts and real estate regulations. The extensive expertise of our Partners team in various spheres of legal practice is put together to ensure that the clients intentions are diligently implemented and their interests are protected to the fullest extent. The firm advises businesses and commercial enterprises on all general corporate matters and companies’ administration.
Our general corporate practice from our partners includes advising businesses in all phases of development, from startups to well-established companies.

Moreover we can provide advices and services over contractual matters, issuance of securities by joint stock companies and limited liability companies, formation of legal entities and corporate restructuring, insolvency and liquidation matters, liability of corporations and corporate agents; anti-takeover defense strategies and corporate dispute resolution; structuring of family business and wealth.

05. Intellectual Property (IP) & Trademark Registration

Patent and trade marks attorneys can help you protect valuable income-earning IP by providing advice on the different types of IP and their strengths prior to you applying. Patent attorneys will have qualifications in technical areas such as physics, engineering or chemistry, but they also study patent legislation. Trade marks attorneys will have qualifications relating to trade marks legislation. You may be able to seek patent attorney advice at an early stage, to ensure that your innovation can be patented and that you take the necessary steps to keep the innovation secure.

06. Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation and dispute resolution is one of the firm’s core practices. Our law Office practice focuses on complex commercial litigation, and constitutional and appellate litigation. Our Partners Law Office have worked on multinational projects simultaneously involving court litigations commercial arbitrations that covered issues of anti-hostile takeover defense, insolvency, asset tracing, and serious civil fraud and conspiracy disputes. We have provided efficient legal advice in working out cross-border strategies for tracing and recovery of assets stripped out from clients or for wrongs caused to clients by acts of commercial fraud or deceit.
From the most basic litigation matter to the most complex, our Partners law Office provides effective representation in the following practice areas:
– Shareholders´ Disputes
– Corporate Governance Disputes
– Complex Corporate & Partnership Disputes
– Directors’ and Officers
– Fraud & Conspiracy claims
– Breach of fiduciary dutiesLiability Claims

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